Welcome to the website of the German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette

The Nature park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette is located on the border of the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia and the Dutch province Limburg. It has a size of 800 km2. Its rivers, forests, heath land, bogs and varied cultural landscapes make it a very special attraction. In the heart of the Nature Park lie 10.000 ha of forests and nature reserves of major European importance (NATURA 2000). The more than 30 nature reserves and the National Park De Meinweg offer particularly suitable habitats for numerous animals and plants. Visitors can find recreation and rest by walking or biking through the park learning about nature and the local habitat of the park.

The cross border Nature Park is named after the three rivers, the Maas, the S(ch)walm and the Nette. The S(ch)walm is a cross border river, in Germany it's called the Schwalm and in the Netherlands it's called the Swalm. That's why S(ch)walm is written with parenthesis.
What is so special about Nature Park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette is that due to the fact that it is more than 30 years old the border is hardly recognizable and the border doesn't really play a significant role anymore.

Within the Nature park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette we strive to maintain three important cross-border goals:

The precious nature and cultural landscape of this region should be preserved and pro-actively maintained.

Visitors and tourists can feel at ease and enjoy recreation by means of the numerous biking and hiking trails.

The large amount of activities and the Visitors Centres give all guests the opportunity to become more aware of environmental issues.


The Nature Park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette offers:
horse back riding
water sports
finding rest and enjoying the peace
experiencing nature
learning more about nature
savouring regional products
experiencing local hospitality

Contents of our German-Dutch website
Under the headline "Nature park erleben/Natuurpark beleven" you will find the locations and descriptions of Visitors Centres, nature reserves and farms with tourist attractions within the Nature Park. Along with a summary of maps and books about the region, the sources of the material available are also given. Additionally we give advice on public transport in and around the Nature Park.
Short vacations, trips and excursions within the whole region can be booked via the German-Dutch online booking system of 2Land www.lower-rhine.com.
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Under the headline "Veranstaltungen/Activiteiten" you will find numerous offers of activities within the Nature Park on both sides of the border and also cross border activities. Guided excursions like hiking and biking trips are offered as well as presentations about nature, the landscape, the local environment and cultural heritage.
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Under the headline "Projekte/projecten" we describe the trans boundary projects that are being coordinated within the Nature park Maas-S(ch)walm-Nette. Contents of these projects are nature development, environmental education, nature experiences and cultural heritage within the Nature park.
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Under the headline "Über uns/over ons" we present the tasks and goals of the Nature park and its administration.
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Under the headline "News/nieuws" we regularly publish interesting news about the Nature park.
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For further information don't hesitate to call us.

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